Let's Work Together

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I believe residents must be seen and heard as valued constituents of our neighborhood.

I plan to increase ANC presence in the Deanwood neighborhood, especially as we strive to keep neighbors safe. 

I will establish active communication with neighbors to encourage timely and efficient responses to your needs, issues, or concerns.

I plan to communicate your needs, issues, and concerns to Ward 7 Councilmember, Vincent Gray, to effect the necessary change and remedies in our neighborhood.

Let's Communicate!

Schedule a time to chat with Emmanuelle or, email her: klossou4ward7@gmail.com

Our neighborhood faces several unique challenges.

I plan to seek options throughout the District, and/or neighboring states, to remedy those challenges and implement changes.

I encourage us to work together to highlight and seek solutions for local issues within our community, and to offer such solutions to
DC Council for implementation in our community.

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I acknowledge the need for investment and growth in the Deanwood neighborhood.

Therefore, I plan to support our residents' voices and seek ways to increase their visibility as developers and investors express interest in our neighborhood.

As a small business owner, I plan to make public as many resources available for aspiring entrepreneurs within our neighborhood.

Let us also build wealth together.