I hear an accent.
Where are you from?

​I’m Afro-Caribbean. I was born to a Caribbean mother and a West African father. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY in a french and kreyol speaking household. So it's a Franco-Carib-NY accent that has been flavored by nearly a decade in the DC area.


What is your platform?

I seek to work with my neighbors, because I cannot fulfill the role of ANC Commissioner alone. I need the input of District 7C07 to guide how I advocate on their behalf. My goal is to set an agenda for the upcoming year, and to focus on three main issues/changes on which to work with my neighbors. 


Why are you running for office?

​I've been a resident of Ward 7 for nearly ten years. I want to be heard and I want action. I decided to run for ANC Commissioner because I wanted to collaborate with my neighbors to solve the issues within our community.


do you have any pets?

Yes, of course! You may often see me around walking with our two dogs, Paris and Pikliz (pronounced: peek-leez). They are very friendly, and love meeting neighbors.


What happens if things get tough?

Are you going to stand up for us?

I will always strive to put our community first. I am aware, however, that there will be challenges that may stand in the way of the will of our community. In those times, I vow to always remain in communication with members of the community. My role as ANC Commissioner is to advocate on behalf of the residents, and to remain accountable to my constituents. 


why should I care?

You should care because you make decisions about everything in your life. You are not less qualified to make decisions about your neighborhood. Deanwood is changing.  I need the feedback of the current members of the community to elevate localized concerns about what is happening at the neighborhood level. I need you to guide me on decisions and advocacy that is needed to enhance our small corner of the District.


Tell us about yourself.

I was a very young girl in Brooklyn when I developed a strong sense of justice. I can recall looking around my community and thinking from a very young age that there are certain inequities that are not fair. 'How would I change this, if I could?' became my mantra. Those early experiences informed why I've advocated against such issues as homelessness, unfair immigration practices, discrimination, and racial disparities in sentencing. I bring this attitude and fervor to the role of ANC Commissioner. I will work with all constituents toward our common goals.


how will you advocate to City Council on our behalf?

As ANC Commissioner, my role is to advocate. To achieve this, however, I must write. In correspondences to City Council, the Mayor’s office, and in some cases to federal agencies, I will have to accurately represent the wishes of my neighborhood. Therefore, I will need to remain in continuous communication with residents to convey their needs.


how come you're bald?

I have central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA); a type of alopecia, but “I am not my hair….”-India.Arie


Dr. Emmanuelle? Are you a medical professional?

No, I'm not a medical professional; I cannot save your life in an emergency.

I do have a doctorate in Criminology & Justice Policy from Northeastern University.


How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

I’ve lived in Deanwood for nearly 10 years, it is neighborhood I've lived in the longest as an adult.


I don't know what to ask....

I’ll be on a zoom call on September 11th at 1:30pm.

Join us, and ask me something then.

Use this link for meeting information.